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Cheese Shop Deals 3/27-4/2!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Cheese Shop Deals
Supreme Crème de la Crème
Made from cow's milk, Supreme is a soft ripened cheese in a white rind. Enriched with crème fraîche, this heavy cream Supreme is known not only for its richness, but it is also credited for being perfectly matured. Savor it at room temperature with crackers, or hearty breads and a glass of red wine!
Reg Price: $13.99/LB
Sale Price: $5.99/LB

La Quercia Pancetta Americana
This wonderful American company drew inspiration from Parma, Italy, the birthplace of prosciutto. With a desire to take their Iowa surroundings and translate that to sustainable cured meats, La Quericia has been producing high quality pork products for the masses. Aged for 2 months, the Pancetta Americano is seasoned with sea salt, black and white pepper, rosemary and bay leaf. This great product can be used to wrap meats or seafood for grilling, try it in pasta or soup, or added to sandwiches!
Possibilities are endless!
Reg Price: $13.99 ea
Sale Price: $3.99 ea

Castello Saga Blue Brie
Just as the name suggests this creamy delicious cheese is the marriage between triple cream brie and a salty blue. A match made in heaven, this cheese is a great introductory cheese for those who are still warming up to blue cheese. Saga features a fresh blue cheese aroma, with hints of butter and mushroom, thus creating a unique flavor
experience that we love.
Reg Price: $8.99 ea
Sale Price: $2.99 ea

Our Custom Cut Special of the Week!

Bridport Creamery Mustard Swisserella
Nestled near the shores of Lake Champlain, Bridport Creamery delivers farm fresh, artisanal cheese. The Mustard Swisserella is a mild pasteurized farmstead Jack Cheese. This flavorful cheese is a great melter, making it a wonderfully tangy addition to grilled cheeses, pastas, casseroles or nachos!
Reg Price: $16.79 /LB
Sale Price: $14.79/LB
YOU SAVE: $2.00

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