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Cheese Shop Deals 2/6-2/12!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Véritable Chaumes
Chaumes is a round, soft-ripened cheese with a bright orange washed rind and an ivory paste. Chaumes is distinguished by soft springy texture, a rich creamy paste, and a hazelnut aftertaste. An excellent table cheese, it also melts well for a nice addition to any recipe! Serve Chaumes on a cheese platter with Camembert and Blue Stilton or with Brie and Roquefort. Ale, sparkling apple cider and dry whites are good pairings for Chaumes. It is a favorite for children's snacks and great with a warm, crusty baguette!
Reg Price- $17.99/lb
Sale Price- $9.99/lb

German Gruyere
This special delicacy is best known as the basic ingredient in a classic fondue, but with its delightfully nutty and slightly spicy full flavor, this is a great addition to any cheese board. Enjoy this traditional favorite julienned into a salad, melted on a sandwich or, of course, the classic fondue!
A staff favorite here at Cheese & Wine Traders!
Reg Price- $12.99/lb
Sale Price- $6.99/lb

Boar's Head 28 Month Dutch Aged Gouda
Imported from Holland, this classic is aged 28 months, lending to a flaky almost crunchy texture. This intense cheese has salty, sweet and sharp notes as well as a hint of butterscotch. While eating this wonderful cheese you can almost imagine the Dutch countryside, where Gouda has been made for centuries. Aged Gouda is a lovely addition to a charcuterie plate or try it grated over pasta as an alternative to hard Italian cheeses.
Reg Price- $15.99/lb
Sale Price- $9.99/lb

Our Special of the Week!

Blue Ledge Farm, Camembrie
Founder, owner, and cheesemaker Hannah Sessions has, since starting up in 2000, been making some of the finest cheese in Vermont and the world! Blue Ledge Farm has been featured on a list of the world's 100 Best Cheeses (2008, Wine Spectator) and has been given rave reviews by Martha Stewart Living and others. Camembrie is a very soft and buttery bloomy-rinded wheel, with more delicate complexity than nearly any brand-name brie. Excellent with lighter body reds, sparkling wines, cured meats, and every bit as enjoyable with plain crackers.
Reg Price- $15.99/lb
Sale Price- $9.99/lb
You save- $6/lb!

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