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Cheese Shop Deals 2/27-3/5!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Friendship Dairies, Farmer Cheese
A very mild and versatile cheese, farmer cheese is naturally low in fat! Friendship Dairies makes their cheese by pressing the curd until almost all of the liquid is gone. Farmer Cheese is perfect for using in blintzes, or a filling for pierogis and other dishes as a substitute for Italian ricotta. Plus, with just 0.5% lactose per serving, it's a guilt free way to enjoy dairy when on a restricted diet!
Reg. Price: $4.99 ea.
Sale Price: $3.49 ea.
Brie Nangis
Brie Nangis is a French cheese that is made in the Town of Nangis near Paris. This is a name certified cheese that cannot be produced anywhere else in France. This lovely brie has a white bloomy rind that holds in the soft inner paste. It has subtle notes of mushroom and garlic, and is a bit milder than some of the more robust French bries. Brie Nangis would be great as the start to a cheese board or as a nice appetizer!
Reg. Price: $16.99/LB
Sale Price: $10.99/LB
Landana Chili Gouda
Made with a spicy combination of mild gouda and fiery chili peppers, This cheese is sure to add zest to any dish. Smooth with just the right amount of kick, Chili Pepper Gouda will bring a rich, spicy flavor to hot and cold sandwiches or melted over Mexican dishes. Wash it all down with a light, crisp lager.
Reg. Price: $6.99 ea.
Sale Price: $3.49 ea.
Our Custom Cut Special of the Week!
Spring Brook Farm, Ashbrook
On a trip to England, proprietors Karli and Jim Hagedorn were inspired by a program that taught city kids about farming. When they arrived home, they created the Farms for City Kids Foundation. This wonderful program brings in students from nearby cities up to the farm in southwestern Vermont. Along with farming vegetables, apple orchards and a maple sugar house, cheese making was introduced as a way to financially support the foundation.
Ashbrook is a pungent Morbier style cheese, with a beautiful and distinct line of vegetable ash running through the center of it. This Vermont delicacy has a semi-soft and supple texture. This lactic and funky cheese pairs well with a slightly sour Berliner Wiesse or an acidic Pinot Noir!
Reg. Price: $18.49/LB
Sale Price: $16.49/LB
You Save: $2.00/LB!

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