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Cheese Shop Deals 2/13-2/19!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Pecorino Al Tartufo
Made with Italian sheep's milk and black and white truffles, this pecorino is aromatic and rich. Firm and flavorful, this delightful Italian truffle cheese is perfect for eating on its own or as part of a cheese board. This wonderful cheese makes it easy to ramp up any dish! Take a trip to Italy and add it to a creamy polenta. Normal everyday risotto can become a flavor bomb with the addition of this truffle cheese! Make a traditional mac & cheese more decadent with the addition of the earthy truffles!
The options are endless and always enjoyable!
Reg Price: $27.99 /LB
Sale Price: $12.79/LB
County Line Pepper Jack
This mild Monterey cheese raises the bar with flavorful and fiery bits of hot pepper and jalapeño. Best enjoyed with quesadillas, crackers or on your favorite burger. Pepper jack can also go well with jalapeno peppers, melons, grapes, pickled vegetables, and olives!
Reg Price: $3.49 ea.
Sale Price: $1.99 ea.
Jarlsberg Hickory Smoked Bar
Like most traditional smoked foods the hickory smoked Jarlsberg has a darker exterior and a piquant, smoky taste. It is perfect for enhancing the everyday sandwich and is the perfect addition to many hot and cold dishes. Jarlsberg smoked will liven up any after dinner cheese board and is certainly a conversation starter for those new to the world of cold smoked cheeses!
Reg Price: $4.99 ea.
Sale Price: $2.99 ea.
Jarlsberg Bar
A mild, semi-soft, part skim cheese made from cow's milk. Jarlsberg is famous around the world for its signature sweet and nutty taste. This is an extremely versatile cheese. Whether you buy it as a staple in sandwiches, salads or a tasty snack, this is sure to be a hit!
Reg Price: $4.99 ea.
Sale Price: $2.99 ea.
Our Custom Cut Special of the Week!
Vermont Shepherd Invierno
Yesenia grew up milking cows on her Dad's farm in the Dominican Republic. David grew up tending his Dad's sheep in Vermont. Together, they make a mixed milk cheese called "Invierno". The sheep milk comes from David and Yesenia's sheep that are famous for the Vermont Shepherd cheese their milk produces. The cow milk comes from a small dairy farm just down the road. Like many specialty fine foods, Vermont Shepherd cheeses are seasonal. Invierno (or "winter" in Spanish) is a soft to semi-hard natural rind cheese aged 5-6 months. This is a versatile cheese with a rich, butter and mushroom flavor. Pair this seasonal cheese with crisp ciders, robust porters or a savory red wine!
Reg Price: $21.49/LB
Sale Price: $19.49/LB
You Save- $2/LB!

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