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Special Edition Vintage Grand Ewe
Vintage Grand Ewe® is a rare 100% sheep's milk cheese aged to complete perfection. Within a year this cheese produces a slightly rich buttery taste and toasted almond aroma. Nothing compares to its creamy texture and mini salt crystals that form during the natural aging process. Made in the traditional Dutch Gouda style, it is a firm cheese with a slightly crumbly texture.
REG $24.99/lb
SALE $10.99/lb
Saint Agur Blue Crème 
Spreadable Cheese 5.3oz
A wonderful Spreadable blue cheese with real blue cheese crumble makes this the ideal dip for snacking or cooking. This crème is delicious served cold or at room temperature with veggies, an instant appetizer. The resealable tub keeps the product fresh and can even be heated up to pour over baked potatoes or pasta! 
REG $5.99/ea
SALE $3.99/ea

Holland Yellow Wax Gouda
This young Dutch cheese, made in the Gouda style, only uses the milk from happy grass fed cows.With a high cream content this cheese is rich and creamy with just a hint of salty and sweet! It is delightful on a cheese platter, but really shines when melted. Add it to your favorite mac and cheese recipe for ultimate cheesiness.
REG $14.99/lb
SALE $7.99/lb

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