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Cheese Shop Deals 11/7-11/13!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Cheese Shop Deals
Jeff's Select Cave-aged Gouda
A number of European cheese makers have come to the natural limestone caves of Faribault, Minnesota, as a perfect environment for affinage, otherwise known as the art of aging cheese. Jeff's Select is such a cheese. Its flavor is intense and reminiscent of a Parmesan but creamier and with notes of butterscotch.
Regular- $15.99/lb
Sale Price- $8.99/lb!
Landana Chili Pepper Gouda
Just in time for the cold weather! This spicy gouda comes from Holland and is perfect for a plate with some hearty crackers and an equally hearty beer.
Regular- $5.49 each
Sale Price- $3.49 each (7 oz. wedge)!
Chaseholm Farm Moonlight
From Upstate New York, Moonlight belongs to the Soft Ripening (brie family) of cheeses made from Cow's milk and shaped into small cylinders, which makes for easy slicing and uniform ripening.
Regular- $9.99
Sale Price- $2.99 each (approx. 7 oz)!
Special of the Week!
Vermont Farmstead Company
Lillé Coulommiers
A perfect example of Vermont's superb soft-ripening cheeses, Lillé comes to you in a small drum-shaped edible (and delicious) rind and a specially designed "mini cave" allowing proper ventilation, which increases the "lifespan" of the cheese greatly, allowing the naturally occurring Ammonia to dissipate into the air. The paste itself is mild, complex, savory, and spoonably soft.
Reg. $9.99 each
Sale Price $6.99
You Save $3.00

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