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Cheese Shop Deals 11/21-11/27!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Cheese Shop Deals 11/21-11/27!
Cheese Shop Deals
Ile de France Camembert and Brie Mini Wheels
perfect for holiday hosting, with potential for pairing with jams, wrapping in dough, and baking for a Thanksgiving bonus.
Regular- $5.99 each
Sale Price- $2.99 each!

Saint André Mini Wheels
Perhaps the most well-known Triple Cream, this richer relative of Brie is a decadent treat alone or with berries & nuts, try some hearty crackers or bread (even better with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or Champagne!)
Regular- $7.99 each
Sale Price- $3.99 each!

Cave-aged Emmentaler
The quintessential melter, Emmentaler is the raw milk, mellow yet flavorful workhorse of the Fondue world, but locals in Switzerland and foodies all over the world also love it in omelettes, potatoes, French onion soup, and sandwiches.
Regular- $17.99/lb
Sale Price- $14.99/lb
Our Custom Cut
Special of the Week!

Shelburne Farms Clothbound Cheddar
The Clothbound Cheddar from Shelburne Farms delivers a depth of flavor unsurpassed by competitors, which is attributable to local raw milk from pasture-grazed cows as well as and an unwavering commitment to quality.
Regular $27.99/lb
Sale Price $25.99/lb
You Save $2.00

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