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Cheese Shop Deals 11/14-11/20!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Minerva Dairy Amish Butter
4- 1/4 LB Sticks
Reg.- $5.49
Sale- $4.99

Plugra Unsalted Butter
Both name and style are a credit to the addition of more milk fat to the cream before churning. This results in a softer, more workable butter, which aids in the making of bread or pastry dough!
Reg. -$4.99 each
Sale- $1.99 each (8 oz)
or a case of 12 (total: 6 lbs.) for only $19.99!

Jarlsberg Reserve
A limited edition batch of Jarlsberg that has been aged an additional 6 months, giving it a much richer, sweeter flavor. Just about half the price of the standard Jarlsberg!
Sale- $6.99/lb

Great Lakes Cheese, Great Lakes Blue
From Upstate New York, this Danish-style blue cheese is strong, soft, and crumbly -- perfect for salads, pizza, and burgers for that one last BBQ of the year. Try on lamb chops or steak as they come out of the oven, too!
Reg.- $13.99/lb
Sale- $6.99/lb

Columbus Salamis!
2-packs, assorted varieties, approx 9 oz.
Reg.- $4.99
Sale- $2.99 each

Italian Dry Salami, 3 lb whole salami
Reg.- $26.99
Sale- $9.99 each

Calabrese Salami, 3-4 lb whole salami
Reg.- $40.00
Sale- $11.99 each!

Our Custom Cut Special of the Week!

Taylor Farms Raw Milk Gouda
A staple of Vermont Cheese, this raw milk gouda is buttery, with supple, bouncy texture. Delicious on the plate by itself, but even better in a Plowman's lunch: bread, chutney, mustard, and a local beer!
Regular $21.99/lb
Sale Price $19.99/lb
You Save $2.00

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