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Columbus Craft Meats
Relentless in their commitment to honoring the traditions and tastes passed down to their salumieri over many generations, Columbus Craft Meats have been perfecting their art for over 100 years.  A classic compliment to any cheese board, this week we're pleased to offer a wide array of their delicious products:
Known as the "Hunter's Salame" for its portability in a pocket or backpack. Cut it into thick slices to fully enjoy the aromatic taste and smooth texture of hand-trimmed, premium cuts of pork-raised without antibiotics-chopped coarse, mixed with fresh garlic and sherry wine, then stuffed into a thin natural casing for a mild and well-balanced flavor.
9 oz. 2-packs
Reg: $14.99 each
Sale Price: $4.99 each
Inspired by a recipe from the Calabria region of Italy, Calabrese is made from whole cuts of hand-trimmed pork, crushed red pepper and red bell peppers to give this air-dried southern Italian favorite a ruby red color and spicy finish.
Reg: $12.99 to 16.99/lb.
Sale Price: $4.99/lb. 
 From a recipe originally from the Abruzzese region of Italy, sweet fennel and fresh garlic give this rich salame a highly complex aroma and the slow aging process brings out the distinctive mild flavor of the meat.
9 oz. 2-packs:
Reg: $14.99 each 
Sale Price: $4.99 each
Italian Dry
Adapted from a recipe for Milano style Salame, Italian Dry is made using only select cuts of pork, cracked black pepper, a signature blend of spices, and burgundy wine giving it a unique richness and aroma, and a nice bite from the slow curing.
Reg: $12.99 to 16.99/lb. 
Sale Price: $4.99/lb.  
Based on a traditional Italian recipe for Salametti and made with crushed white and black peppercorns and burgundy wine, it's hand-tied and slow-aged in a natural casing to give it a subtle, smooth flavor.
9 oz. 2-packs:
Reg: $14.99 each 
Sale Price: $4.99 each
This salame starts with finely chopped, extra-lean pork, garlic, cracked black pepper, and wine. From there it's slow-aged giving it the aromatic mildness and soft texture it's famous for. Kids and adults love it!
Reg: $12.99 to 16.99/lb. 
Sale Price: $4.99/lb. 
Our Custom Cut 
of the Week!
Bonnieview Farm 
Mossend Blue
Bonnieview Farm is a sheep dairy located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and has been in the Urie family for four generations.  The Farm is home to 180 ewes which provide the milk for 8,000 pounds of cheese each year.
Named after the Urie's ancestral farm in Scotland, this raw sheep's milk blue is made in the style of the French Perseille's.  With a moist, crumbly, paste and extensive bluing, the flavor is sweet and complex, fruity, nutty and herbaceous at the start, followed by a spicy, peppery finish.  An outstanding dessert blue, try pairing it with a sweet Sauternes or keep it local with Vermont's own Boyden Valley ice wine or ice cider.
Reg.- $31.99/LB
Sale Price- $29.99/LB 
You Save $2.00 off per pound! 

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