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Cheese Shop Deals 10/10-10/16!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Rauchkäse (Bavarian Smoked Cheese)
Cold smoked over beech wood, Rauchkäse is a semi-soft Bavarian cheese with a rich, creamy texture. Try Rauchkäse on your burger, or atop your vegetables, or melt it in with your next Fondue. Pairs beautifully with a full bodied Chianti or Sangiovese.
Reg. $16.99/lb
Sale Price $6.99/lb
Sartori Tuscan Blend Reserve
Tuscan Blend is an original Sartori, offering a tantalizing mix of fruity shaved Parmesan, combined with Fontina. This blend of cheeses goes well with nuts, olives, prosciutto, dried fruit or melted on artisan bread. Chianti, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling pairs perfectly with Tuscan Blend, but if you are a beer drinker, try lager, Indian Pale Ale or American Pale Ale.
Reg. $8.99 ea.
Sale Price $2.99 ea.
Prima Donna Forte
With its sweet & savory, piquant, buttery flavor, the taste of Prima Donna Forte is a delicious blend of Parmigiano-Reggiano & Aged Gouda. Shave over pasta dishes or salads, omelets and crepes. Serve for dessert with fresh fruit. Melt over bread, pizza or steak. Pairs beautifully with a full bodied zinfandel, port or a malty brown ale.
Reg. $19.99/lb
Sale Price $10.99/lb
Our Custom Cut Special of the Week!
Cobb Hill
Ascutney Mountain
Established in 1997, Cobb Hill is the combination of two older dairy farms located in Hartland, Vermont. Together they have created a beautiful, 260-acre cooperative dairy farm and community of families. After building a small cheese-making facility on the property in 2000, the community has developed two cheeses:
Ascutney Mountain and Four Corners Caerphilly.
Ascutney Mountain, named after a local landmark, is made with raw Jersey cow milk from the co-op's own herd. The straw-colored paste is dense and chewy and speckled throughout with flavorful protein crystals. Filled with the essence of sweet onion, cream and hazelnuts, the complex flavors in this award-winning Alpine-style cheese are layered and deep. It is perfect alongside a few slices of peppery salami and a malty brown ale.
Reg. $22.99/lb
Sale Price $20.99/lb
You Save $2.00

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