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Cheese Shop Deals 1/3-1/8!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Coeur de Chevre
These tiny treats are perfect for a special dessert or breakfast morsel; the three flavors available -- each with a core of either fig, salted caramel, or chestnut crème -- offer a totally new and delightful way to enjoy goat cheese! -
Was $5.99
Now $4.49 each!

Artisanal Fresh Chèvre
Available in Pumpkin, Apple Cinnamon, Maple Chipotle, and Orange Ginger, this Chevre represents the best fresh cheese that Hudson Valley cheesemakers R&G have to offer. Excellent for a gourmet snack or appetizer, and a superb addition to a salad!
Was $4.99 each,
Now $3.49 each!

Pollenbert & Trufflebert
The very cream of the cream, these cheeses will impress and delight the most discerning foodies. Pollenbert is a goat's milk Camembert dusted and layered with Fennel Pollen, giving it a golden hue and simultaneously delicate and intense flavors. Trufflebert is the same cheese but with a generous portion of black truffle instead of fennel pollen, so is an equal guaranteed delivery to flavor heaven! Pollenbert was $28.99/lb and is now $26.99/lb
Trufflebert was $31.99/lb and is now $29.99/lb!

Our Custom Cut Special of the Week

A modest, yet completely lovely cheese from the Netherlands, most distinguished by the presence of cumin seeds throughout the wheel. Otherwise, it most resembles Edam and Gouda, but with a more firm and crumbly texture. Generally enjoyed with wheat beers or alone as a snack, Leyden also lends itself well to improving a variety of common dishes from omelettes to casseroles.
Regular $12.49/lb
Sale Price $10.49/lb
You Save $2.00!

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