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Cheese Shop Deals!

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Cheese Shop Deals
Castello Danish Blue Triple Cream
With its sumptuously creamy, brie-like texture, this pleasantly piquant blue cheese spreads like butter. While delicious melted into pasta sauces, this cheese is best showcased on a crusty baguette with a little fresh pear and a young Beaujolais.
Reg. Price - $15.99 /lb
Sale Price - $8.99 /lb
Fresh Goat Cheese Chèvre with Garlic & Herb
A mild tasting and richly textured, authentic French style, fresh goat cheese chèvre, vacuum packed to preserve guaranteed freshness and flavor. The most desired of premium goat cheeses, Couturier cheese can be spread, crumbled, eaten fresh or cooked, and its rich body and flavor makes it choice among bakers.
Made with goat milk and vegetarian rennet.
Reg. Price: $7.99 /ea
Sale Price: $4.99 /ea
Somerdale & Clawson's
White Stilton with fruit
White Stilton is a perfect partner for sweet or zesty fruits. Made in the same way as Blue Stilton, but without the addition of blue mold, White Stilton is a clean, fresh, slightly acidic cheese that is lightly textured and crumbly. Perfect for crumbling over a salad or as an exciting addition to a cheese board!
Reg Price: $14.99 /ea
Sale Price: $6.99 /ea

Our Custom Cut Special of the Week!
Orb Weaver Farmhouse Cheese
When farmers use milk exclusively from their own cows to made cheese, it's called "farmhouse cheese." That's what Marjorie Susman and Marian Pollack have been doing at Orb Weaver Farm since 1982. They milk their own Jersey cows to make rich, raw milk cheese with a slightly tangy, full- bodied flavor. Moister than cheddar, Vermont Farmhouse Cheese has a natural buttery color and smooth, creamy texture. It is delicious off the wheel, melts beautifully to complement any recipe, brings grilled cheese sandwiches to new heights, and distinctively tops nachos and pizza. Pairs beautifully with a big Cabernet Sauvignon, buttery Chardonnay or a crisp cider.
Reg Price: $19.99 /lb
Sale Price: $18.49/lb
You Save $1.50!

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