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Cheese Shop Deals 6/20!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

French Raclette
Looking for an excuse to throw your next Raclette party? Well, wait no longer! Milder and creamier than it's Swiss relative, this nutty, slightly fruity Raclette is perfect for melting 
(and the price has never been better)!
Reg. - $12.49/lb.
Sale Price - $6.99/lb.

Joan of Arc Triple Crème
 Rich, decadent, and smooth, with a slightly sweet flavor and fluffy, bloomy white rind.
Reg. -  $14.99/lb.
Sale Price - $7.99/lb.

Herbert Excentrique Gouda
So creamy that it melts on the tongue. Ripened for a minimum of 5 months, this Gouda is full of flavor, making it perfect for cheeseboards or just a snack!
Reg. - $6.99 ea.
Sale Price - $4.99 ea. 


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