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Cheese Shop Deals 5/16!

Posted by Nick Savasta on

Rumiano Mozzarella Slices 
The classic Italian mozzarella is made fresh using 100% organic ingredients.  Great in Sandwiches or Burgers, and makes quick baked Italian dishes.  This cheese is certified organic, kosher, american humane certified and non-GMO verified.

Reg. -$5.99 ea. 
Sale - $2.99 ea.!
Betara Gran Reserva
The Parmesan of Manchego, this Spanish sheep's milk cheese is crumbly, salty, savory and gamey with a Grassy finish.  A must for any cheese lover!

Reg. -$21.99/lb.
Sale - $10.99/lb.!
Tomme des Pyrenees au Poive Vert 
This rustic french cheese has a supple, creamy texture, a mild, buttery, tangy flavor and is given a gentle piquant, vegetal kick with green peppercorns.

Reg. -$19.99/lb.
Sale - $6.99/lb.

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