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Cheese Shop Deals 5/9!

Posted by Nick Savasta on

Dutch Vintage Aged Gouda
With its rich, buttery, caramel notes, Aged Gouda is a favorite among cheese connoisseurs. Firm enough to grate with ease, try it over your favorite gourmet recipes, or serve along side seasonal fruit on a dessert platter.

Reg.- $23.99/lb.
Sale - $7.99/lb.

Friendship Farmer's Cheese
Farmer's Cheese is a pressed, fresh cottage cheese. This mild, spreadable cheese is wonderful by itself and perfect for making blinzes, pierogi or fillings for filled pastas!

Reg. - $7.99
Sale - $4.49/lb.!

Olympia Provisions Pepperettes
You will love these little smoked pork meat sticks in adorable pocket-sized boxes. Perfect for snacks, travel, or little gifts to say
"I love you... and you love meat."

Reg. - $1.99
Sale - $.79!

House Made Olive & Piquillo Pepper Tapenade
Our very own blend of zesty greek olives, garlic, herbs with just a hint of earthy sweetness from roasted piquillo peppers. Great over baked fish, chicken or use it to stuff mushrooms! Delicious on a cracker or bread with a dollop of Farmer's Cheese
(*nudge nudge*).

Sale - $7.99/lb.!

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